Leave Miley alone!

You see what I did there? If you didn’t get the reference well, stuff you, go revise the internet. My point being, the media loves choosing a young woman to harass and bully in the hope that she’ll crack under the pressure.

As if anyone could miss the headlines, internet memes, shocking reactions to Miley Cyrus’ new path in her music career. As far as I’m concerned, she or her agent are incredibly smart. They know full well how much society loves watching a train crash about to happen. The whole, fallen Disney starlet is nothing new though so why are we still pretending to be shocked? It’s just clever marketing, nothing more…

...albeit a little gross at times.

…albeit a little gross at times.

I’ll admit it now, I’m not a fan of her music. I don’t know if she writes it herself or not. It makes no real difference anyway, it just isn’t my cup of tea music wise. And I find the sexual imagery in her music videos not to my personal taste. I just happen to be a little more reserved. But all this tacky slut shaming is honest to God puerile.

Would I swing around naked except for a pair of boots on a wrecking ball? No.
Would I repeatedly lick a hammer? No.
Would I wear PVC underwear and rub myself up against Robin Thicke? No.
Would I be comfortable being filmed with a visible camel toe? Hell no.

But I absolutely demand the right to do as I like in peace and fucking quiet. This is not feminism or equality. So shame on all you drum banging ‘feminists’ who love nothing more than bullying other women who don’t fit into your personal view of what’s sexy or acceptable.

Let’s rush away from Miley for a moment to look at the lovely Dita Von Teese,…

...She's not exactly subtle

…She’s not exactly subtle

But she’s classy so naturally it’s fine!
I felt like a kid in a candy store picking a suitably provocative image to showcase how naughty Dita can be. Loved it. She chooses to be extremely sexual in her image and nudity is frequent in her work. Does society judge her in quite the same way? Not at all. Our western ‘forward thinking’ culture has devised a very precise system in which to judge women and their sexuality. You can be as provocative as you like, as long you stay within a certain, strictly regimented definition of acceptable.

I like thighs. Nommy thighs.

I like thighs. Yummy thighs.

I honestly don’t see the difference between these two images. But the media does.

I think the only thing that can save us now is Sasha Grey manifesting Dr. Manhattan-esque powers and bashing the correct meaning of equality into all our brains…. I wish my photoshop skills were good enough to make a blue Sasha.

All my love and rage, Mandy xx.


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