You’re a waste of carbon!

People who won’t quit. Won’t leave it alone until you agree with them. Can’t fathom that it’s incredibly rude to carry on and on, badgering a person into submission.

‘But why did you think it was rubbish? What was so bad about that film?’

‘Well it just wasn’t my cup of tea really. Didn’t really find it funny.’

‘But that’s not an answer. It was a good film, you must have not gotten the jokes it was very funny. You can’t give me a straight answer can you?’

face palmed so hard I turned to stone

face palmed so hard I turned to stone

No! No I can’t! Because it’s a fucking opinion not a fucking fact! No I genuinely cannot tell you exactly what made that film terrible because it’s just what I, personally think. There is no right or wrong answer it’s personal fucking taste you moron!

I was brought up better than to shout in someone’s face because they are politely refusing to get into a massive debate to back up their thoughts. I don’t give a shit!! Scrapping with you over an opinion I hold (that you have no power in changing) is fucking pointless and a waste of my time fucks sake. I don’t need someone else to agree with my thoughts and feelings in order to feel correct and comfortable with my views.

I respect personal opinions and don’t nag at people who think differently to me.
Variety is the spice of life.
I like that people have different opinions to me.
Life would get quite boring otherwise.
Fucking rude pricks like that need neutering.

All my love and rage, Mandy xx.


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