Nerd apartheid

Star Wars or Star Trek? My loving family never warned me of this cultural divide (bloody hippies brought me up religiously watching both on a Sunday, instead of church) but it has become a massive part of my so called nerd life. You must choose! There’s no sitting on the fence to be had!!

Fight Fight! Fight! Kiss! Kiss!

Fight Fight! Fight! Kiss! Kiss!

The arguments and debates are never ending! I often think, while wrapped up in a massive hoo-haa about who’d kick who’s arse, Fett or Khan (clearly Fett you set of wankers) is this important? Why do I have to choose one and mercilessly tease the other? What is it about humans that we just cannot get along? We thrive on having an enemy, a goal, an evil to defeat. I love Trek and Wars both equally, never been able to decide upon an ultimate favourite. I often wonder why they’re even compared??! Completely different plot and settings… kind of. Fightin evil, star and shit, maybe they’re quite similar actually never mind.

To boot with this, in recent years (most strongly after all the upset over the prequels,  I’ll never be the same after Phantom Menace) Star Wars seems to have generated a lot more hipster chic and positive nostalgia than Star Trek has. The cool kids now welcome Star Wars, and leave the nerds to Trek?? Maybe this is simply because Star Trek has never really gone away, different series and constant movies (fucking whales? No! Still too soon!) have stopped us from forgetting about it, rediscovering old tapes and falling in love all over again I think. Plus I think it’s hard to compete with the badassery and all round sub-zero-cool that is Han Solo. No fucker is surpassing him.

Not a single fuck was given by that man.

Not a single fuck was given by that man.

What do you do when you see the leader of The Empire, fallen Jedi, strongest ever known? Shoot right at his fucking face. Fuck it why not. Ultimate bad ass. How can you compete with that?

Don't fight the Queen! No neeeed!

Don’t fight the Queen! Leave her be!


See? I’m fucking arguing with myself! It’s such an inviting slippery slope into douche-baggery. I can’t help it, fuck. But it needs to stop. Being picked on all through your childhood for liking ‘nerdy old weird shit’ really makes me want to pack it the fuck in. We should be banding together! Not starting a civil war!!

Why send any clones or red shirts? No-one learnt a god damn thing?

Why send any clones or red shirts? No-one learnt a god damn thing?

This divide must end! We must unite as nerd brothers and grow strong!!

….But you all fuckers watching Babylon Five can suck a fuck and burn in lava. You should know better.

All my love and rage, Mandy xx.


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