Today I was annoyed and decided to start a blog.

This is the first installment of my brand new, first ever blog.

I do feel a little behind the time in this endeavour. For many years now I’ve been an avid reader of other people’s blogs. From Belle De Jour anonymously (remaining anonymous for an impressive amount of time too) chronicling her fascinating insight into the world of escorting to DIY upcycling of your unloved clothes, blogs take up a fair amount of my favourites bar.

For a long time I’ve toyed with the idea of writing my own blog, but the idea of coming up with a subject interesting enough that other people would want to read it seemed daunting. Are my thoughts and feelings of a calibre that needs to be shared with the world wide web? I lead a relatively normal life, I don’t have an unusual job, exceptional talent or craft that I haven’t already seen online somewhere else. I assumed I was bordering on narcissism to think that I could find something interesting enough to bother writing it down coherently and uploading it to the rest of the world in the hope that it would be well received by like minded people. 

This was years ago however. Now at the grand old age of 24, (try not to laugh, my mother often says I was born 40) I’ve had a bit of a light bulb moment.
I’m renowned among my friends for, (drum roll please) ranting. Apparently I’m good at it. They’ll sit and patiently listen while I ramble about the myriad things in my life that irritate and annoy me. Thankfully they seem to enjoy it. Which is nice I guess, but wouldn’t stop me if they hated it frankly. It’s nice to think that at least when I’m incandescent with rage, that I can amuse a few loved ones. While I vent the fury of my inner turmoil with passion, sincerity and a growing knowledge that no amount of swearing and cursing will fix or alleviate  the stresses in my life, they are at least tickled momentarily. That’s a comfort. 

I also quickly realised that writing a blog on this subject could have a few benefits. I could perhaps come along like minded people across the globe who share my frustrations. Dedicating the time to methodically discuss the annoyances of my life could also serve as a form of release and have an overall calming effect. I definitely don’t need counselling because of the issues that plague me, they aren’t of a serious manner in any way shape or form. I sleep fine at night and have never suffered from anything more serious than a rough hangover. But the act of writing it all down and sending it off into the ethos seems inviting and a good way to finalise and put a sense of closure to the grave (haha) problems I face daily. Bearing this in mind, a blog seems the perfect halfway house between wasting a professional’s time rambling about the self service checkouts in Tesco and pissing off people who actually know I am on facebook.
Ultimately I also hope to cheer up a few individuals who feel the same way and suddenly feel less alone and vaguely delighted by my silliness. 

I will just take a moment to say, I am on the majority a very positive and happy person. But it seems to me that the negatives in our lives should be thought about, and talked about. In order to lift the burden from our shoulders with the gift that is communication, and of course look for a solution. And if a solution can’t be found, fuck it let’s have a good laugh getting it out of our system and promptly move on with our lives. 

Without further ado, I shall post this initial introductory passage and move on to writing a piece each and every time I come across a situation in normal everyday life that offends or annoys me to the point that I deem it necessary to fire up the laptop and type furiously until I feel better again. 
All my love and rage, Mandy xx.


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